Open Cell Foam Insulation

Weeks open cell foam fills every void throughout its solid surface, reducing air filtration but will soak up moisture.

Open Cell insulation provides thermal insulation for building interiors and reduces air filtration and will soak up moisture like a sponge instead of sealing against it like Closed Cell insulation. The application of foam will seal all areas it is applied to from outside elements and is considered to be a semi-rigid foam. Because of it’s low R-value rating Open Cell insulation must be applied more heavily that adds minor structural strength to your home or building.

Open Cell Spray Foam Requirements

Clean Surfaces

To install Open Cell foam, all surfaces must be dry and free of oil, grease, and any debris.


Open Cell foam can be installed in an area with a minimum temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

New Structures

Open Cell foam cannot be installed into existing homes unless the un-insulated surface is completely exposed